Everyone, welcome to Spruce and Salsify! I am glad you found your way here! I’d like to take time talk about how I got here and and touch on inspiration.

I began crocheting a few years ago as a way to pass time during my down times while working as a hairstylist. Right away I was hooked. I began cranking out hat after hat after hat. Did I mention that at that time I was a full time student as well? As it turns out, I crocheting is a very good way of putting off everything. As soon as the semester would end, the crochet would get put down, not to be picked up again until the next semester. Weird.

Fast forward to now. I’m still making things that are small. My attention span is just too short for big stuff. I get bored. I do make the occasional scarf, shawl, or even baby blanket. You will probably never see me making an afghan. Or a dress. Nope.

As far as inspiration goes, I see crochet everywhere: ripples and reflections on a swimming pool, bugs, leafless trees, other peoples’ art, the yarn itself. Translating it is another story. Hopefully as time goes by I will get better at that part. What are you inspired by?

Please leave a comment and thanks for stopping by.

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