Team Spirit Dog Sweater

The Broncos are heading to the AFC Championships this Sunday, so I’ve made a tiny sweater for a four-legged friend of mine. The only sporting event that is ever on my TV is the Superbowl,  but my friend Chelsi is a hardcore Broncos fan and has a hard time finding team colors for her 5 lb doggy. She has resorted to stuffing Princess into a blue and orange baby leg warmer. Not this year, Prin!


I started with this pattern at, but I needed it a little bit smaller, and I was having a hard time getting the gauge, even with a smaller hook. I also added color changes and some surface slip stitch detailing. Customize it to match your favorite team! There is plenty of space on the back to add an applique (your favorite player’s number) if you want. It measures 12″ long X 6.5″ wide when measured flat. Princess measures 13.5 inches around her chest, so this should be form fitting, but not too tight.

You can make small adjustments to the size by going up a hook size. I would not go down in hook size. The fabric would be too stiff. You can make larger changes by adding to/subtracting from your starting chain or by adding and subtracting rows.

Team Spirit Dog Sweater XS


Yarn: aran (Loops and Threads Impeccable)
Hook: 5mm/H
Stitches used (American terminology):
chain (ch)
single crochet (sc)
single crochet decrease
half double crochet (hdc)
half double crochet decrease
front post half double crochet (fphdc)
front post single crochet (fpsc)
surface slip stitch

Notes: Ch1 does not count as hdc. Color change is worked as follows: Work hdc until 3 loops on hook. With new color, yo and complete stitch. Cut yarn after color change. Joins are made in top of first stitch of round.

With MC, Ch. 37

R1) hdc in 2nd ch from hook and across, ch1 and turn (36)
R2) hdc across, change colors on last yo of last stitch, ch1 and turn (36)
R3) with CC, hdc across, ch1 and turn(36)
R4) 2 hdc in first st, hdc across, 2 hdc in last st, changing colors on last yo, ch1 and turn (38)
R5-8) With MC, work even, ch1 and turn (38)
R9) work even, join to beginning hdc, right side out, ch1 and turn (38)
R10-20) work even, ch1 and turn (38)
R21) hdc in next 2 sts, ch7, skip 7 sts, hdc in next 20 sts, ch7, skip 7sts, hdc in next 2 sts, join, ch1 and turn (24 hdc, 14 ch)
R22) hdc in each hdc and each ch around, join, ch1, turn (38)
R23) hdc around, change to CC on last yo of last hdc, join, ch1 and turn (38)
R24) with CC, hdc around, join ch1, turn (38)
R25) hdc around, change to MC on last yo, join, ch1 and turn, (38)
R26) with MC, *hdc in next 7 sts, hdc decrease over next 2 sts, hdc in next 8 sts, hdc decrease over next 2 sts. repeat from * once again, join, ch1 (34)
R27-29) Make sure the right side of this row is facing outward. Turn if you need to. There is no turning after this point. *Hdc in first st, fpdc around next st. Repeat from * around, join, ch1
R30 fpsc around, join, cut yarn.

Surface slip stitch with accent color in the stitches where the MC and CC meet. On the end closest to the neck, there are decreases that you will go over. To make it uniform, instead of going over those stitches as a whole, stich in between each leg of the decrease. If you would like to see the top loops of the stitch on your finished piece, stitch into the right side of the fabric (bottom pic). If you’d like to see the back bumps, stitch into the wrong side (top pic).


With MC, attach in any stitch in leg hole. Hdc in each st, 2 hdc in side of hdc on each end. Repeat for other leg hole. Cut yarn.

With MC, attach in any st at bottom edge. Sc in each st around, decreasing over 2 sts where the slit comes together, and putting 2 or 3 sc in each corner. (I did 2, you might like 3 better.) Weave in ends and stuff gently place a doggy in it!

I hope you enjoy making this sweater for your pup. Feel free to ask questions and share your pics on Instagram #spruceandsalsify.


6 thoughts on “Team Spirit Dog Sweater

  1. I am trying to make this sweater for a friend of mine and I have a question about row 9.
    I am not sure what you mean. Are you joining it to the other end or what. Thank you JK


  2. I made one using your pattern exactly for my Chihuahua and it came out perfectly. However, I would like to make one for my Pomeranian which is slightly larger. I know that I can add chains to enlarge the pattern but I am not exactly sure how I would make the armholes for the larger pattern. If you could point me in the right direction I would be appreciative.


    1. Thanks for visiting and enjoying my pattern! I would skip and chain an additional stitch to make the leg holes larger. So, ch8 and skip 8. You will also need to make sure the leg holes are in the right spot. Try measuring between the front legs, then halving that number. That’s how long your row will be when you start that leg hole. Hope this helps.


      1. This helped alot thank you so much. I have to say I have searched many patterns but yours was a truly a blessing for me and my puppies. I love the simplicity and for a beginner I would highly recommend this pattern. Especially since my pups gained a wardrobe and I gained a pattern that is everything I have been looking for. Thank you again. I appreciate you taking the time you have taken to answer my question 🙂


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