Watch Me WIP #1: Little Girl’s Sun Hat

While browsing through (and coveting) photos of hand dyed yarns on Instagram, I discovered #watchmewip. How did I not know about this? Pictures of half completed socks and hats, beautiful mystery knit/crochet alongs, slowly coming to life in front of the crafter. I thought to myself, “is there a hashtag for tiny projects which will never reach completion because the maker is a procrastinator who hates weaving in the ends?” I’ll try to find out. If you find one, let me know.

My most shameful of wips is a sweet little sun hat that I offered to make for a friend. If you’ve searched crochet on Pinterest, you’ve seen a precious little girl modeling variations of this cloche. Originally in Russian, a nice gal figured it out and posted this pattern in English, which I began immediately. I finished two copies, trying to pinpoint the gauge.


The final project lives in a basket waiting for a couple tiny flowers and a leaf to be attached. For a year. I used Cascade Ultra Pima for the hat. For the leaves and large flower I used Omega Sinfonia.

If there were a crochet version of a chain smoker, it would be me. I have to get a new project fired up before the last one is even completed. But I can quit whenever I want. How about you?

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