Rags to Riches Mitts

After fiddling with two very large bags of alpaca fiber all winter, I have grown bored of brown. And bored of alpaca, for now. I’ve been spinning away on the drop spindle I got for Christmas. The more fiber  pull out of those bags, the fuller they get. It’s kind of Biblical. I have spun both brown yarn and dark and light brown yarn. I’ve made thrummed slippers from it as well as a few dryer balls. I need some color in my life already!

Enter pencil roving. Actually, I had a couple skeins of Patons Colorwul that I purchased for another project that just never really happened. I was never going to use it as was, no i decided to make it thinner, and as it happens, more blended. Spinning this was much different than spinning the alpaca that I had processed 100% “from scratch.” As in, picking out the poop and everything. It drafted so smoothly compared to the rather “grippy” alpaca, which I turned into rolags on hand cards. But on the other hand, because the fibers were so perfectly aligned, it was much more likely to drift apart under the weight of the spindle if the twist wasn’t just right. Definitely a welcomed lesson, though. Once that was done, I plied it with some alpaca to which I had added little green silky bits. Actually, they were scraps that I shredded and then carded into the fiber. No waste here!

My first project for this yarn was a pair of wrist warmers. I designed them with a little bit of a rolled edge at the bottom. I wanted to have the ribbed cuff kind of come out of nowhere, instead of being very obviously attached right at the bottom.


This would make a great introduction or refresher for Tunisian crochet. You won’t need a special hook for this one and it takes less than 2-3 hours. Find the free pattern here.

I hope you enjoy this free pattern. Please be sure to share photos of your finished project #spruceandsalsify. I look forward to seeing them!


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