Recipe for a Ribbed Beanie

A nice squishy ribbed hat is a classic noggin topper for the cold winter months. With countless variations out there, a person, if he or she were so inclined, could have a different one for every day of the season. And if knitting threw it’s hat into the ring? Hats for eternity.

There are a few different methods to choose from when it comes time to crochet your ribbed hat. Your two main options are: 1) Work in rows of back loop only stitches to make a rectangle, tubify the rectangle, sew one end shut, and Poof! you have a hat. 2) Use front and back post stitches in the round to create the ribbing you desire.

In this post, I’m going to give you a third option and show you how to customize it to fit every person you love enough to make a hat for.

Using what we know about sizing a hat made in the round, we can make this customizable and simple, yet interesting, ribbed hat. We’re going to make it from side to side using slip stitches and short row shaping. If you already love slip stitches and/or short rows, then hooray for you! If not, get ready to fall in love! Ok, maybe not. But you are about to learn a couple of new skills that you can get a lot of mileage out of.

Lets start with how we size a hat in the round. How big is this person’s head?  When do we need to stop increasing and when do we need to stop crocheting altogether? There are a lot of tables out there that tell you the three things your are looking for, which are: length of hat, circumference of hat, and when to stop increasing the crown.

When making a hat in the round, the circumference is determined by the number of increase rows you make. In this sideways hat, you will make a series of identical wedges. The width of these wedges determines the hat size, the length of the short rows determines the how “pointy” it is, and the length of your original chains sets the finished length of the hat. Be sure to add some to your desired length because this one tends to shrink up.


General Formula For Spinwheel Beanie:wp-1457147998129.jpg

starting chain = desired length + 1″ (more if you want to turn it up)

wedge width = {(2/3)head circumference}/desired # of wedges (6)

make (6) wedges

The Spinwheel Beanie is made using all slip stitch in the back loop. I can’t get enough of the type of ribbing this creates! I’ve included the pattern for a large adult beanie, but I hope you do try and custom make other sizes. They’d be great as donations to veterans or homeless because they are extremely stretchy and can fit just about anyone. What about teensy ones for the babies at your local hospital? I hope you enjoy my pattern and are able to get some use out of this “recipe.” Don’t forget to tag me when you show off your finished work! #spruceandsalsify





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