Watch Me WIP #2 – As We Go Stripey Blanket

Happy New Year! Did you join one of those threads or groups on Ravelry that encourages you to finish a WIP every week? Yeah, me neither. As always, I’ve got a gazillion projects started, and I think I have a completion rate of about 10%. 

My featured WIP is the As We Go Stripey Blanket by Hannah Owen. Originally it was for a baby gift, but that baby arrived 2 months early! Instead he got some super tiny cocoons and hats. The blankie got set aside and I fully intended to gift it for Christmas, but, very long story short, it sits untouched. 

What about that teeny baby you ask? Well, he’s doing well. Funny thing is, I think he grew so fast that he barely got to wear his sweet psychedelic preemie cocoon and hat!

I don’t see myself whittling down my pile of WIPs in the near future, but I am trying to raise my completion rate on new projects. How about your WIP stash? Are you making any headway?

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