Spinning a 2 Ply Gradient

I’ve got a penchant for eye-popping colors and long color changes. While looking at my Ravelry project page, I noticed that most of my projects are some combination of blue, green,and either pink or orange.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone, buy some hand dyed roving, and make some yarn that was little different that what I usually work with. Having bought three great rovings, I decided to use a different prep method for each. Behold, the first of my three “outside of my comfort zone” projects.

Haha. Apparently it’s gonna take some major effort on my part to step outside the blue/green box. Maybe next time. However, POW!

From almost the beginning, I knew I wanted to do a gradient with this. It had enough colors to make a nice long blended transformation from blue to yellow without working too much, and the sections of color were big enough that it would be easy to break it down into individual colors. From there I toyed with idea of chain plying it. Wanting to get the most length I could, I decided to do a 2 ply. This meant trying to get the 2 plies to look as similar as possible.

I started by splitting the roving down the middle and ripping them to bits. I sorted them into piles of similar colors that would get me from aqua to green to yellow. I didn’t get a photo of this step because it was night, the light was terrible, and I was excited to get started. Confession: I separated each half on two different days. I thought I could manage to make them pretty same-y from memory. Fail.

I then carded each little pile into turdlettes torpedos, keeping in mind that the goal was to get from aqua to yellow, and put them in order. The dark green was hard because it was hard to know where to put it, but I just went for it. There they are.  So pretty and squishy. Then I spun like crazy on my little turkish drop spindle.

I knew from the get go that I wanted this to be a high twist sock yarn, so I spun each single with plenty of extra twist. Why? Why not for a shawl or some other project to show off the colors? I chose it because of the fiber. Cheviot is sturdy, grippy, and doesn’t felt as easily as other fibers.

Each half of the roving ended up being two squishy little turtle shells. Time to ply! Confession: one ply ended up having significantly more yarn. One wierd long section was going to screw up the color change. I yanked it right out of there and went on like nothing happened.

Also, look at the socks I had on while this was happening. Sigh.

Almost done! A lot of SVU gets watched while I’m spinning. Do you have any podcast or audio book suggestions for me?

Here it is all finished! It did come up short because of that naughty chunk I took out, but I’m so happy with the results. I can only wonder what it will become? I hope it makes its next owner as happy as it has made me! If you’d like to be that person, it is still available in my Etsy shop.

I thank you for reading about my latest project and hope it has given you inspiration to create something of your own, whatever your craft may be!


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