Desert Fern Tunisian Mitts

Thanks for joining me again! Today I’m sharing a project that I’ve just finished as a test for a fellow designer. There are several testing groups on Ravelry, which is a fantastic way to: a) grab new patterns for free and b) get your patterns tested before releasing them. I am partial to Free Pattern Testers and every once in a while I pop in there to see if anything strikes my fancy. Most of the patterns are for knitters, but there are some crochet patterns as well. I’ve seen a fair amount of amigurimi on there lately, so if that’s your thing, be sure and check it out. What’s that? You’re not a member? Please go join. It is free and will blow your mind!

I always try to be honest with myself when it comes to selecting a pattern to test. I know myself well enough that I don’t dare sign up for a project that is too large. I’m a habitual procrastinator and I know better. This time, the pattern that caught my eye was the Desert Fern Tunisian Mitts by Sumayyah Chougle.

I really enjoyed making these mitts! They’re made with mostly Tunisian knit stitch, which I love. I’m not a proficient knitter yet, but Tunisian knit stitch looks very much like stockinette, so I get to cheat a little. Even though those beautiful cables may look intimidating, they are pretty easy once you get the repeat established. If you you are familiar with how Tunisian works and already comfortable with the Tunisian simple stitch, I definitely recommend trying these mitts. 

Note for Lefties: No changes needed! When made as written, the right mitt becomes the left, and vice versa. 

Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you are inspired to try Tunisian crochet or to expand your skills to include these beautiful cables. 


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